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"Amber.. Amber Morgan." The blonde said with a soft smile.


"That’s a very lovely name…"


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In vivid detail. If I am too embarrassed you win.


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Hypnotized Triggers || @max-heart01


"How bad do you want it, my love~?" Max asked as he pressed the tip of his dick on her pussy, teasing her.

"Please, Max!" She called out, moaning loudly, "I want you to fuck me so hard! Make me cum so hard I can’t even move after! Please!”

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"Actually you could…if you’re willing to give some random guy you just met a massage."
He pressed at the back of his neck, wincing. That felt a little better…
"My neck’s really tight…"

"A massage?" She rose an eyebrow and looked at him, biting her lip, "I’ve never given anybody a massage before, never mind in a library." She did want to help him somehow, though…

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Honoring a old debt||Klaus & Luna


"Most ghosts are bitter about their lives. Being a ghost has to be a miserable affair seeing life yet not experiencing it." He loved the look in her eyes as she looked at him as she talked. "Oh it is quite the shame that boys are quite stupid. There is more to women than breasts, and from what I can see they do not appear that small." Her question was one that he had heard before. "Technically I am only a little over twenty. My years I learned many things that rules are meant to be broken. at one time women were married off once they hit puberty. You would be surprised the things that I have seen Luna. The things people can do with their body. after some travels you will see that for yourself that rules are just things that get in the way."

Luna moved closer to him and shrugged, “I suppose that’s true, about ghosts. It must not be enjoyable, but…they have reasons to be here, whatever reasons they may be.” The blush darkened a little on her cheeks, and she drank a bit more of her drink, her eyes trailing up and down his body. She wouldn’t mind a ride on that piece of meat…even if she knew that there had been many who had already taken rides on it (one of them being Helena, probably), “Even if they aren’t small, they aren’t big, and that’s what guys go for, big breasts and tight asses. My ass is rather tight, but I guess just that isn’t enough. And I guess you’re theoretically only a few years older than me, then, which isn’t that bad.” Her lips curled into a smirk, if he’d seen things that would surprise her…well, she’d just have to surprise him and leave a lasting impression on him, right?

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Road Trip AU || thegirlsofhogwarts


"Yeah I am. I’ve got plenty of cash saved up and some my stepdad owed me so I just took it." She grinned.

Life at home had been terrible, her stepfather yelled at her and her sisters like everything was their fault, so she knew she had to leave

"I’ll buy dessert even. What’s the name, doll?"

Pansy smiled, she liked this girl, she seemed fun. Running away with her probably wouldn’t be too bad, either.

She slid her hands into her pockets, starting to walk with the other girl, leading her to the diner, “I can add to that pile of money. My family has a nice amount of money, and I have access to it before we leave. After that I’ll be cut off, though.”

"I’m Pansy, you are?"

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thegirlsofhogwarts: "I love you, Toni," Lily smiled at Toni, then grinned, "I even got us a little outfit for me, for Easter." [sorta for the 'make my muse happy' meme]



Toni grinned kissing her passionately. “I love you lily.” She purred. “Can’t wait to see.”

"Oh my god it’s like a fucking dream." She sighed happily.

Lily purred and climbed onto the bed with Toni, wiggling her ass, “What do you want to do with your bunny? Bunnies do fuck a lot, you know.”

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Elevator Sex || Open


Celeste moaned as she felt Hermione’s hand against her. She wrapped her arms around Hermione’s waist and pulled her up on to the desk and on top of her. “That’s much better. Now we can have more fun.” she grinned.

Hermione grinned and pulled back from Celeste to unclasp the other girl’s bra, tossing it aside, and licking her lips as she looked at her breasts, “Fuck, you’re hot…”

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Looney Lovegood and Obnoxious Octavian || CLOSED


"They’re stuffed toys!" Octavian yelled, obviously having had this very same conversation many times before. "Inanimate objects, not real. They can’t feel pain, they don’t have feelings! What does it matter what happened to them?!"

"That doesn’t make it right!" Luna huffed, crossing her arms. She wasn’t normally one to get angry, but this boy just ticked her off, since the moment he said he mercilessly slaughtered poor innocent teddy bears, "Teddy bears were specifically made to be hugged and loved, and you just rip them apart for your crazy methods of Divination! All they want is to be loved!"

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