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//Gotta go.

Hopefully back tomorrow.

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Elevator Sex || Open


Celeste grinned as she ran over and laid on the desk and removed her shirt as well. “I’m all yours, sweetheart.”

Hermione’s lips crashed against Celeste’s and she kissed her hungrily, sliding a hand slowly down the other girl’s body, before cupping her sex and rubbing her palm against it, “All mine…”

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Road Trip AU || thegirlsofhogwarts


"Anywhere that isn’t home. I’ve had enough of it, you know?" She smiled, pushing her sunglasses up as she climbed out of the little car

"What’s there to eat over here? It’s been about six hours since I ate last."

"So you’re just…like…leaving? Leaving everything behind to hit the road? That sounds…wonderful…" Pansy could certainly see the appeal, she was essentially just the fuck-buddy of somebody she really cared about, but if she got out of here, got away from him, she was sure she would be much happier.

"Uh, there’s a nice little diner not too far away, I’ll pay if you’ll…take me with you."

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Neko!Luna || @krag-and-levi


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"Yeah. This ones bad too…one of those "hammer in the back of your skull throbs" you know?"
No harm in playing the pity card…maybe it could work in his favor.
He lay down on the table, closing his eyes and holding the back of his neck.

Hermione frowned as she looked at him, biting her lip, and looking at her books, none of them had Healing charms in them, unfortunately… “I wish I could help, Deejay, honestly.”

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Honoring a old debt||Klaus & Luna


"It was sad she was basically my first love. Oh how she hated her mother though not wanting her near me, but yes I am a vampire or well something more to be exact. Though I have to say Luna I am shocked the boys are not lining up to be around you because let me guess when you made that suggestion of a student cleaning me up well why do I get the feeling you would have been one of those students." He smirked looking at her. "Though I should also say in over a thousand years I have seen many faces learned many names though I only remember the ones with beautiful faces." He smirked shamelessly flirting with the beautiful young witch. 

"She’s still rather bitter about the whole thing… And what do you mean by something more?" Luna blushed rather darkly at his words, "I…uh…b-boys around here don’t like people that are, well, different. And my breasts are smaller than about half the school’s. I…umm…m-might have been one of those girls, it’s a shame to wast cum, don’t you think?" She looked at him, a mischievous glint in her eyes, "You are thousands of years older than me, you know. And I’m still a teenager, just barely of age in the wizarding world. Do you really think you should be flirting with me like this?”

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Hypnotized Triggers || @max-heart01


"What do you want me to do now~?" He asked.

"Touch me…fuck me…ride me…" she mumbled, moaning softly. She grabbed him and pulled him down with her, "Fuck me…"

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Futarani AU || Mona & Hermione


She smirked and kissed Hermoine roughly, “Mm so are you..” She reached down and stroked her cock slowly, “Come on baby, I want you to fuck me senseless in the shower.” She said as she bit her lip.

Mona’s touch was enough to get her hard again, and Hermione moaned out into her mouth, before pulling back and grabbing her wrist, practically tugged her to the bathroom, and shoving her towards the shower, “We should make it a daily thing…”

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Road Trip AU || thegirlsofhogwarts


That was it. After another horrible day of being yelled at over nothing, Sonya was packing her things and leaving. She loaded her car and just drove until she ran out of gas outside a small town.

"Can you help me? I need some gas and a place to stay for the night."

Pansy smiled at the other woman, for some odd reason. She normally would get rather pissed at somebody just coming up to her and asking for stuff like that, but…she didn’t want to this time.

She nodded, “Yeah, of course I can help you. Just some gas and a place to stay for the night? Where are you headed?”

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